the moment of truth

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I finally got off my ass and watched the 2008 filmed version of RENT, and it was just amazing

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I’m suddenly struck with how if you remove the subtitles this just looks like a vintage anonymous hookup in a gay bar

with the subtitles it looks like a vintage hookup in a gay bar

(Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man - 14)


Has it ever occured to you that maybe I want to waste away
To look into the mirror and see a different person
But I hide that from even myself
Because my pride gets in the way
And I move forward


Has it ever occured to you that maybe I want to waste away

To look into the mirror and see a different person

But I hide that from even myself

Because my pride gets in the way

And I move forward

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Sometimes I’m getting lost in AU hell so have more uh teenage superhero Winter Soldier…stuff
Natasha and Sam are not 100% fixed yet I did those rather impulsively but they get proper ones one of these days I think
Especially Tashas outfit doesnt quite come off as intended but I wanted to show off the tat priorities priorities
For Sam insert cheesy ass falcon wing patches at the back of his jacket (haha remember that Deryl Dixon vest? Daaamn straight you do)
Edit:Ah yes also link to previous design

the cutest fucking laugh in the history of the entire fucking world ever http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_n4918eK2lM1qauaxto1_1397862014_cover.jpg
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Okay, just fyi, but the reason Bucky’s repeating his name, rank, and serial number isn’t because he’s trying to remember himself, it’s because that’s what soldiers are trained to do under torture.


  • Anthony Mackie: We’re in a day and age where kids deserve someone they can look up to. I’m very proud of Scarlett with what she’s been able to do with Black Widow, and how little girls can sit back and see that she doesn’t have to have superpowers, she’s just a badass. While being cool and a chick. And I like the fact that little brown kids can say, ‘hey, the Falcon is there now’, and little green kids can say, ‘the Hulk’s there’. Don’t want to leave out the Martians. I think it’s very important, and I think Marvel has been at the forefront of that, giving people the opportunity to represent every aspect of culture. It’s definitely something that was on the table, and on my mind when I decided to sign on to this project.
  • Anthony Mackie: Superman, black would be the coolest dude in the world. Imagine Sam Jackson in a cape. Running around. That would be a good movie.
  • I think what a lot of people don’t get is, these people aren’t real. If you cast a black dude as John F Kennedy, that’s wrong. If you cast a white dude as Martin Luther King, that’s wrong. These people aren’t real. The suits aren’t real. There aren’t really superheroes in the world.
  • At some point in time, you have to steep yourself in reality and say, ‘hey, it’s not about what they look like, it’s about casting a good actor in the role. If you’re sitting at home and you can’t see a black guy as Nick Fury, maybe there’s something wrong with you.
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my sister is doing an essay for her finance course about bitcoin and her introduction is basically defining currency and equal payments.

so i told her to add alchemy’s first law of equivalent exchange. she just sent me the essay to look over it and


she fucking did.


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Pray for South Korea

Tears are streaming down my face. I don’t care what your belief is, please send anything, even good vibes, to these kids because oh my god they are suffering so much. The water is muddy and it’s freezing and they are dying and they’re only seventeen.. 

These children are so scared.. desperately reassuring the world that yes, they are alive, please come for them. They’re messaging their little sisters, apologizing that they won’t be able to grant a request when they’re seconds away from death and just

oh.. oh my god. oh my fucking god words cannot describe the pain I’m feeling

I didn’t know what was going on. I knew it when I read BBC news. They’re still young.. We still have hope. I wish they’re fine..